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COVID free, Practice on | 完全防護,繼續應診

I am continuing to practice now. There will be full protection and hygienic strategy in clinic.

All reasonable infection prevention and control measures are in place and compliant with goverment guidelines. Patients and general public can be confident. I will ensure all safety measures are in place and followed at all times.

Health & safety

  • Appointment only

  • Can do consultation and prescribe herbs online or phone

  • Mask required

  • Disinfect surfaces between visits

  • other more required by goverment restriction guidance



所有合理的感染預防和控制措施均已到位,並符合政府疫情管控指導原則。 患者和公眾可以放心。 我將確保所有防控措施均已到位並始終遵守。


  • 所有患者必須預約就診

  • 提供在線問診及處方

  • 醫患雙方及陪同家屬必須戴口罩

  • 兩位患者治療之間,消毒診室內所有設施表面

  • 政府所要求的其他防控措施

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