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HeGu (LI 4) | 合谷

HeGu (LI 4)

HeGu (LI 4), the 4th acupoint of the Hand Yangming Large Intesting Meridian is one of the most commonly used acupoints.

Among the hundreds of acupoints around the whole body, LI 4 has the widest range of therapeutic effect. Almost all problems can be treated directly or indirectly with this acupoint.

LI 4 is also known as the pain point in the body. Anywhere there is pain, use LI 4.


  • On the dorsum of the hand, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, in the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the radial side.

  • The point is located at the highest point of the muscle when thumb and index fingers are held together.

Function and Indication:

  • It can releases the exterior for wind-cold or wind-heat syndromes, and strengthens the Wei-Qi, improves immunity, for common cold, fever, febrile disease, hypohidrosis or hidrosis, etc.

  • It is useful for any condition related to the face and head. Such as: mouth, teeth, jaw, toothache, allergies, rhinitis, hay fever, acne, eye problems, Bell’s Palsy, etc.

  • It is good for most type pf pain and psychogenic tense.

  • It can help digestive diseases such as Gastric pain, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, etc.

  • It can promote Qi and Blood, it’s good for Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, dystocia (difficult or abnormal labour/childbirth), etc.

  • It can help preventing Hypertension and Stroke.


Apply pressure on the pad of the thumb or middle finger. Press and rub it with gentle force. It is better to feel little soreness, numbness, heaviness, and tightness.

  • For toothache, massage LI 4 5mins to reduce pain. It also can help chronic Gingivitis.

  • For faint due to heatstroke, stroke, collapse, etc., can pinch LI 4 with thumb for 2 to 3 minutes. The syncope can generally be relieved. The effect is better, if DU 26 acupoint is pinched with fingertips at the same time.

  • Press LI 4 with the thumb for 1 to 3 minutes each time. It can improve digestion function. It is also good for headache, deafness, blurred vision, insomnia, neurasthenia and other diseases.

  • For pain or blood in stool caused by haemorrhoids, massaging or rubbing LI 4 can help to relieve symptoms.

Moxibustion (MOXA):

Ignite the moxa, the ignited moxa sticks are appropriately close to the skin, and it is advisable to feel slightly warm but not too hot, no need to overheat. For health maintenance, moxibustion can be used once a day for 20 minutes each time.

Hegu (LI 4) can strengthen the immunity. Modern research also shows that stimulating LI 4 has bidirectional effect on blood cells. MOXA on LI 4 regularly can help to prevent diseases.


HeGu (LI4) may induce labour, thus must NEVER be used during pregnancy.







  • 手背第1~2掌骨間,第2掌骨橈側的中點處

  • 拇、食兩指并合時,虎口部隆起最高處。或以一手拇指指面的遠側指橫紋疊合于另一手虎口部的指蹼緣上,屈拇指時當拇指指端所止處。


  • 疏散風邪,開關通竅,清泄肺氣,和胃通腸,調經引產。

  • 提升免疫力:預防和治療感冒,咳嗽哮喘,咽喉腫痛,急性扁桃腺炎。

  • 總治頭、面各症。用之得法,針到病除。是齒、眼、咽喉等五官科病症之特效穴。口腔潰瘍,齒痛,舌痛,面腫,常用於治療三叉神經痛,顏面神經麻痺等。

  • 治療各種疼痛:頭痛,肢體關節痛等。

  • 可調節胃腸功能,治療各種胃腸道疾患。如:胃痛,嘔吐、呃逆、便秘,泄瀉等。

  • 可以行氣活血,有效治療婦科多種疾病,如:痛經,閉經,滯產,產婦宮縮無力,產後乳少等。

  • 經常用艾灸或者按摩合谷穴,可以預防中風、高血壓。



  • 下牙疼痛時按合谷5分鐘,疼痛會減輕。如果患牙齦炎,並且持續時間較長,反復發作,經常按壓合谷也有效果。

  • 如因中暑、中風、虛脫等導致暈厥時,可用拇指掐捏患者合谷,持續2~3分鐘,暈厥一般可緩解。如果同時用指尖掐按人中,醒腦回甦的效果更好。

  • 痔瘡發作、便血時,可以按摩或搓揉合谷,也可用指尖、筆芯刺激,以有酸脹感為佳。

  • 常用拇指指腹垂直按壓此穴,每次1~3分鐘,還有健脾胃的作用,對頭痛、耳聾、視力模糊、失眠、神經衰弱等症都有很好的調理保健功能。



合谷穴可以宣通氣血、扶正祛邪,可以增強人體的免疫 力。現代研究也表明刺激合谷穴對血細胞有雙向調節作用,經常艾灸合谷穴可以用來預防疾病。



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