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Lamb soup with DangGui, Ginger | 當歸生薑羊肉湯

Lamb soup with DangGui, Ginger


Lamb 500g

DangGui (Angelica sinensis) 9g

Ginger 15g

Cooking method:

1. Wash and chop lamb into cubes, and slice ginger into large pieces for later use.

2. Put the lamb, ginger, and angelica slices into a pot, add enough water at a time, cook with high heat, skim off the foam after boiling, simmer for about one hour. When the lamb is well cooked, add little salt.

3. Enjoy the soup and meat all together.


Lamb soup with DangGui, Ginger was originally written by Zhang Zhongjing in the "Synopsis of the Golden Chamber", which consisted only of the three herbs of angelica, ginger and lamb. Mainly used for warming and nourishing blood, dispelling cold and relieving pain.

Lamb soup with DangGui, Ginger has a wide range of indications. It can be used to treat relieve hernias pain, abdominal pain, and pain in hypochondiac region. It can also be used for postpartum conditioning, such as, abdominal pain caused by Yang deficiency, low milk supply due to Blood deficiency, lochia, etc.

In Chinese food therapy, Lamb soup with DangGui, Ginger is especially benefit for people with weak and cold conditions. For patients with anemia who are aversion to cold, patients with chronic bronchitis who are old and physically weak, and those who suffer from malnutrition due to chronic diarrhea, this soup can be used as a support diet.

If you are tired from long-term work, mental stress, or live in a cold and humid place for a long time, causing fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, easily catch cold, and pale complexion, you may wish to use Lamb soup with DangGui, Ginger regularly.




當歸3兩; 生薑5兩(老薑為佳); 羊肉1斤










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