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ZuSanLi (ST 36) | 足三里

ZuSanLi (ST 36)

ZuSanLi (ST 36, the 36th acupoint of the Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian) is one of the most commonly used acupoints and the most widely used acupoint.

Also known as "the Point of longevity", it is very effective in strengthening and protecting the Spleen and Stomach. Since ancient times, there has been a secret of health preservation that "using MOXA at ST 36 to achieve longevity", which means that with regular acupuncture and/or MOXA at ST 36 points can strengthen physical fitness, prevent disease, be health and longevity.


  • On the front and outside of the leg, four fingers width below the kneecap, in the depression between the shinbone and the leg muscle.

  • Sit and bend your knees at 90 degrees, press on your kneecap with your palm, fingers point downwards, and outside of the top of your middle finger pointing is the point.

Function and Indication:

  • It can mprove immunity, strengthen the Spleen and Stomach, nourish Qi, unblock the stagnation in meridians and promote Blood, expel Wind and Dampness, strengthen the healthy-Qi and eliminate evil-Qi.

  • It can help digestive diseases such as stomach ache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, and has an effect on high blood pressure, anemia, weakness and paralysis of the lower limbs, and knee problem.

  • It is generally believed that regular treating (acupuncture, MOXA, massage) at ST 36 can prolong life.

  • Massage to help insomnia: Rubbing or kneading at ST 36, until soreness, numbness and fullness sensation gained, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of insomnia.

  • Weight loss and weight gain: ST 36 can effectively regulate the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, and this adjustment is bidirectional, which can not only promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, but also delay the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. So you can use this point to strengthen your body, to put on weight, and you also can use it to lose weight.


  • Apply pressure on the pad of the thumb or middle finger. Press and rub it with gentle force. It is better to feel little soreness, numbness, heaviness, and tightness. Massage once or twice a day for 3 minutes.


  • Ignite the moxa, the ignited moxa sticks are appropriately close to the skin of the ST 36, and it is advisable to feel slightly warm but not too hot, no need to overheat. For health maintenance, moxibustion can be used once a day for 20 minutes each time.






  • 膝蓋骨外側下方凹陷往下約4指寬處,脛骨旁開一橫指處。

  • 正坐屈膝呈90度,用掌心按準膝蓋頂部,五指朝下,中指頂端向外即是該穴。


  • 調節機體免疫力、增強抗病能力、調理脾胃、補中益氣、通經活絡、疏風化濕、扶正祛邪。

  • 可治療胃痛、腹痛、腹瀉等消化系統疾病,對治療高血壓、貧血、虛弱、下肢癱瘓、膝關節疾病等有作用。

  • 一般還認為針灸足三里能祛病延年。

  • 拍打祛失眠:拍打或按揉至酸、麻、脹感後,可有效緩解失眠症狀。

  • 減肥與增肥:足三里,能夠有效的調節胃腸道的蠕動,而這種調節是雙向的,既可以促進胃腸道的蠕動,又可以延緩胃腸道的蠕動。所以既可以用她來強健身體,又可以用其來減肥。


  • 拇指或中指指腹施力按壓,按而揉之,可稍微用力一點,以感受到痠、麻、重、脹的感覺為佳,每天1至2次,按壓3分鐘。


  • 將艾絨點燃,點燃的艾條適當靠近穴位皮膚,感覺微溫不燙為宜,直接或間接溫熱感穿透肌膚入穴。毋須過熱。養生保健的話可每天艾灸一次,每次20分鐘。

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